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FC 3


Extreme Conditions Research

on Microscopic Life in Antarctica

Understanding how microorganisms can thrive in extreme environments here on Earth could provide some insight on how to approach the search of extraterrestrial life. For this reason, NASA and many of its partner organizations have been researching microscopic life in Antarctica, through a series of expeditions which have been carried out since 2008.

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Atacama Desert

Extreme Weather Research

The WINDLogger technology by Logic Energy offered a reliable solution thanks to its compact size and rugged weatherproof design. The WINDLogger has several features that allow it to operate even when subject to harsh weather conditions in isolated locations such as the Atacama Desert.

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What Our Customers say

Jon Sumanik-Leary
Sheffield University

"The case is literally bomb proof- I would feel comfortable dropping this thing out of a plane!"

Environmental Essentials
UK Ltd

"The service was great, payment easy and the units arrived as promised."


"I have been using data monitoring equipment for over twenty years but this is very different . I'd recommend the logic energy mobile logger to anyone who needs to keep a close eye on windspeeds and wind turbine performance."


"I Have 3 windloggers now and they do everythnig that is says on the box. Customer support is very helpful and they take care of their customers."

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