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WINDCRANE: Wind Monitoring for Heavy-Duty Applications


WINDCRANE is a sister business division to WINDLogger, with a greater focus on construction, transportation and other heavy-duty applications, but also built with the industry-leading technology from Logic Energy. WINDCRANE comes in two versions: WINDCRANE mini and WINDCRANE max allowing it to meet the needs of a broad range of customers.

Both WINDCRANE and WINDLogger are built with high-performance and versatility in mind. The main difference between both product lines is the following:

  • WINDLogger focuses on versatility and customisations, adapting to the needs of any client and supporting a wide variety of sensor inputs. Conventional monitoring solutions require a tedious setup process, but not WINDLogger: it comes factory-configured for a broad range of sensors, both proprietary and from third-party manufacturers.
  • WINDCRANE focuses on durability and heavy-duty applications, while providing the most common weather measurement options: wind speed, wind direction and temperature. However, additional inputs are available on request. It is also a user-friendly system that comes factory-configured and minimises installation time.

For example, if you require a wind monitoring solution for scientific research, renewable energy feasibility studies, or any application with very precise requirements, WINDLogger is the best choice. On the other hand, if you need a rugged product that can be installed in a construction site, a marine port or a vehicle WINDCRANE is recommended.

To find more about WINDCRANE, please visit the www.windcrane.com website

WINDCRANE mini: A Plug-and-Play Monitoring Solution

WINDCRANE mini is a wind monitoring solution built with versatility in mind. The unit comes with the basic features and reliability that characterise Logic Energy monitoring systems, but with a minimalist approach to deliver a lightweight and versatile solution.

  • WINDCRANE mini comes with an anemometer that provides 2% accuracy from 8-200 km/h (5-125 mph), compliant with IEC 61400. A 20-m cable is provided for connection between the data logger and anemometer.
  • The local storage capacity if for 10 years of data, and a cloud backup is updated at 10-minute intervals. The cloud database has no storage limit for maximum, average and turbulence wind speed data.
  • IP 67 Enclosure weather proof enclosure
  • The unit works with any voltage from 110V - 240V and has a rated power of only 5W. Having no battery, WINDCRANE mini is lightweight (0.9 kg) and easy to handle.
  • WINDCRANE mini can operate within a broad temperature range, from -20°C to 50°C.
  • Truly wireless connectivity via GSM without the need for base stations
  • 3-year warranty.

WINDCRANE mini is designed to be installed in crane cabins but can be used  outdoor too . It is intended for applications where wind monitoring is only required during operating hours.



This product is intended for 24/7 monitoring or where the application requires monitoring other variables in addition to the wind. WINDCRANE can accommodate 4 anemometers, 2 wind vanes and up to 8 additional sensors as required by client, for a total of 14 separate inputs. This version of the product has all the features of WINDCRANE mini, plus the following:

  • IP 67 High impact custom enclosure: Dust-tight, water-proof and corrosion-proof
  • 12V rechargeable battery, rated for 2 weeks with an optional solar panel for self-charging
  • Warranty increased to 5 years
  • With the additional features, unit weight is increased from 0.9 kg to 6 kg

The WINDCRANE max version is recommended when the unit must be installed outdoors, when 24/7 monitoring is required, or when a power supply is not always available. Its high impact weatherproof enclosure makes it suitable for the toughest applications.

All monitoring solutions by Logic Energy are factory configured for a Plug-and-Play installation. With our 10-year track record and expertise in both hardware and software, we deliver solutions that are sophisticated and accurate, but also user-friendly.


See comparison of both products at WINDCRANE web page

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